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We are Shawartas.

Mentors to handhold you to Institution of your dreams.

We are a group of proven professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Armed with decades of experience of mentoring, we have come together at one single platform to assist you in your aspirational journey.

We work with you on your admission applications through making your application as compelling as possible for the admission committee to have a serious consideration.

You must have come across numerous candidates who could ace the best of the institutions despite having average academic credentials and conversely candidates with superlative credentials failing to make it to their dream institutions.

What explains that.

It is important to understand that admission committee look at every application holistically. And, that makes it imperative that every aspect of your application- academic, personal and professional- are in sync and tied together cohesively. Your superlative test scores might fail to compensate for a lack of cohesive, compelling story about your present, past and future career path. At the same time, a great compelling story may fail to compensate for poor, inconsistent credentials and test scores.

We are here to help you with all aspects of your applications.

Why Shawarta ?

What is so unique and convincing about us to make you decide take our Services ?

Consider these:

  • A Proven, accomplished professional works on your application.
  • Complete familiarity with nuances of admission processes.
  • Personalized attention approach to each of the application.
  • Up to 3 edits, after initial draft prepared by us.
  • Preparing a cogent, coherent and compelling yet simple application for you.
  • Delivery on or before the promised date.
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Your success is ours

  • Only an admit call from your dream school is our success.
  • We will not commit to work with you if we are not confident of delivering the best to you.
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